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best bar and restaurant in Kent, Ohio


At Ray's, we have 64 taps between the two floors, we are constantly acquiring new draft beers and our line-up can change at times on a weekly basis. We are always looking for something new from around the country and the world. Enjoy....... 

We Care About Our Beer

At Rays, we go the extra mile!  Of course, our beer lines are wrapped in coolant from the cooler to the faucet.  Moreover, we use only stainless steel fittings, taps, and faucets, thus eliminating the impurities.  We use a blend of Nitrogen and CO2 gas to push our draft beers, it is just provides a much better beer taste.  Last, but not least, we have an excellent beer line maintenance and cleaning program.  Very few establishments in the country use all of these techniques because it cost a considerable outlay of dollars, time and commitment.

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