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best bar and restaurant in Kent, Ohio

Ray's Place Awards



Charlies Corner Beer Quotes: beer is excellent for keeping the stomach in good order for concoction, and consequently good health; so it is most excellent for the quenching of thirst.  For I have not known thirst since I have used hot beer let the weather never be so hot, and my work great.  Cold beer is very pleasant when extreme thirst is in thy stomach; but that is more dangerous to thy health.  Many by drinking a cup of cold beer in extreme thirst have taken a surfeit and killed themselves.  Therefore we must not drink cold beer


-Henry Overton,




And what dost thou drink?  I drink beer if I have it or water if I have not.                                        

-from Archbishop Alfrics Vocabulary                                                                                                    995AD



I have received delegations of working men who, apparently speaking with the utmost sincerity, have declared that they would regard it as a genuine hardship to be deprived of their beer.


-Woodrow Wilson



I am the brewery the sole partner in what my lawyer sweetly calls the concern. Why my very nameI reek of beer, I am all beer, my blood is beer.


-Sir Walter Besant,




Blessing of your heart, you brew good ale.



Two Gentlemen of Verona

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