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best bar and restaurant in Kent, Ohio

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PotterFest 2016




In celebration of the new book release, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Ray's Place transformed into The Saucy Cauldron. 

Do you have pictures that you would like to share with Ray's Place of your time at The Saucy Cauldron?  Please send an email with the attached pictures and we will post them here!

Additionally, if you would like to be credited for your photo, please make sure to note a credit in your submission.

Watch the April Fool's Edition of the Late Show


Air Date: 3/31/14


Drew Carey and Connie Schultz have a blast

talking about Ray's Place,  Kent State and Northeast  Ohio.   

Kent restaurant comes to 

life in professor’s book


KENT, Ohio (WKBN) — Anyone who has attended Kent State University or visited downtown Kent is familiar with Ray’s Place.


The restaurant has been located on Franklin Street since 1937 and is a must-visit for students, alumni and former Kent residents. Wedding parties have even stopped by the restaurant to take pictures.


Kent State University professor Patrick O’Connor has written a book about the hot spot called “Meet me at Ray’s.”


“So many people that go to Ray’s have such fond memories of the restaurant. I hear these stories all the time,” O’Connor said. “When I would travel the country wearing a hat or t-shirt with the Kent State University logo on it, people would always ask me about Ray’s.”  Read More

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