Thank you for sharing a favorite customer or employee memory as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ray's Place. You may already have an idea of what you want to contribute and how you want to write it. Thats great. However, for contributors who would like an idea on how to proceed, the following information may be helpful as you prepare your contribution.

Keep it concise - Ray's has many customers and employees with a lot of favorite stuff to share. You can submit as many stories as you like maybe submit each one separately if you would so we can keep things organized. If you are a Kent State alum please indicate the year or years you graduated.

You can share pretty much anything you want -- whatever the story or memory is, wed like to hear it. The book will be read mostly by KSU alums and friends of Ray's but keep in mind some of them may share it family members. Stories about special romantic meetings, job interviews, farewells, reunions, graduation celebrations and family events are all welcome. We want to learn about the fond and funny, the wild and weird or the strange and sentimental.

The following samples (we've already received) may give you some ideas:

A regular has been coming to Ray's since he was a kid. He first came with his grandfather, then his father, then his own children and now his grandchildren. Five generations of his family has been coming to Ray's. He expects his grandkids will someday be coming to Ray's. He says each visit is like a family reunion. (He or someone from his family has been coming to Ray's since it opened).

One customer (anonymous) wrote, My favorite memory of Ray's? About all I ever seem to remember is going in but I never remember coming out.

A KSU professor recently on vacation in Virginia Beach saw someone wearing a Golden Flash shirt. He said hi and the vacationer immediately mentioned Ray's. Turns out the guy received the shirt as a gift from his sister, a KSU alum. He never attended KSU or lived in Kent but he always comes to Ray's whenever he visits the area.

I liked doing cartwheels on the bar at closing time. - (Anonymous), class of 2005.

You may also be interested in offering a suggestion for the book title. Give us your suggestion and if we use it, youll receive two complimentary copies of the book one for you and one you can use as a gift both copies signed by owner Charlie Thomas and the author. Plus, youll receive an additional surprise gift from Charlie.

We have an option to share your memories anonymously if you wish to do that. For each contribution though, we will need your permission so please indicate that before submitting your contribution.

Thanks for submitting a memory to the Ray's Place book. You may very well see your story in print! Well keep you posted of our progress and thanks for being a loyal friend of Ray's Place and celebrating with us.

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